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How do I choose my seat on United Airlines?

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Do you have any specific preference for your seat at United Airlines Flights? You can even make a reservation for your seat at the time of booking your air ticket. Isn't it sound amazing? Now you can travel with your desired sitting plan. Despite other airlines, we don't believe in providing your random seat. We at United Airlines Flights provide a seat reservation map that which you can use to make a selection of your desired seat. Want to know the process to do the same, Stay tuned with this article.

Step 1:

Scroll to the United Airlines Official Website at At the top-left of the screen, enter your trip details including trip departure and arrival cities & dates. Provide a total count of adults and children who will be flying and whether you want to fly coach, business or first class. Click "Search" when you've entered your information.

Step 2:

Wait for a while, the search is on the process. Select your preferred departure flight. For the round trip flight, select your preferred return trip flight once the next page loads.

Step 3:

Make confirmation of your flight selections on the next page. Hit the button named "Continue to traveler information" present at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4:

Once you verify that all the passenger information you entered is correct. Click on the "Continue to select seats" button.

Step 5:

Wait for the seat map to load. Available seats are in grey color which you choose accordingly. Here blue and orange seats will cost extra. If you hover your cursor over the seats, a box will come up to show you the seat number and any additional fees for that seat.

Step 6:

Choose seats for any additional passengers. The selector automatically goes to the next traveler, once you have done. Click on the "Next Flight" button, once you select for all in your group. Click the "Continue" button, once you have done it.

Step 7:

Verify all your United flight details on the next page. Enter the email address where you want your ticket confirmation to be sent.

Step 8:

Select how you will pay for the flight. Complete your payment information and then click the "I agree - Continue to Purchase" button. The next page will be your payment confirmation and reservation number. Print this page for your records.

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